Annapolis City Taxi Time CallTime Call Cab Service

For added convenience, Annapolis Taxi offers dependable “time call” cab service. All you need to do is contact Annapolis Taxi with your required time and pick-up location, and we will instantly confirm your “reservation.”

Same day service “time calls” should be called in at least one-hour in advance, in order to fulfill your request. Annapolis Taxi will also create a cab reservation up to three days in advance.

In general, we attempt to be at the pick-up location within 5 minutes of the requested time. We make every effort to guarantee this special reservation, encountering only occasional delays due to special events, general demand, staffing shortages, weather concerns and road conditions.

Time Call Appointment:

When making a “time call” appointment, please allow enough time for normal travel and unexpected delays. Our drivers are knowledgeable regarding common routes and can help you choose an appropriate departure time.

“Time calls” are dispatched prior to demand calls. Annapolis Taxi Services provides time calls as a courtesy and will only charge standard metered rates.

Contact Annapolis Taxi for a reliable “time call” reservation, ensuring a prompt and safe arrival at your destination.

Annapolis City Taxi Service: 443-852-0686