Taxi Package Delivery

Annapolis Taxi Service is perfect for all your important package delivery needs.

If you have a valuable package or significant paperwork that needs to go across town, or even hundreds of miles away, call Annapolis Taxi Service. While most courier services may take hours to arrive at your home or office, Annapolis Taxi Service offers dependable, fast courier services. We can arrive in approximately 30 minutes, or less. We guarantee your time sensitive material will get to its destination quickly and on time.

Hire Annapolis Taxi Service for your package delivery needs and you can be rest assured that your delivery is our top priority. Courier services will often create routes to pick-up and deliver packages for many different clients, possibly wasting precious time that you don’t have.

Annapolis Taxi Service will immediately dispatch the closest taxi to your location, utilizing our state of the art turn-by-turn GPS taxicab navigation. Once our driver receives your time sensitive materials he will immediately drive to the package’s destination. There is no stopping to pick up or deliver someone else’s package. Also, unlike other courier services that may only operate during regular business hours, Annapolis Taxi Services never closes. Therefore, no matter what time of the your package needs to be delivered, we can be there to assist you 24 hours a day.

The dependable courier service that Annapolis Taxi Service provides is trusted by hospitals and medical professionals for transport of medicine and medical supplies.

You can trust Annapolis City Taxi Service
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