Taxi Service for Kids in Annapolis

Trusted & Mom-Approved Taxi Service

Parents can be busy between working and shuffling kids to after school activities, often causing us to be needed in two places at once. What can you do? Call Annapolis City Taxi. We often drive kids to school, to after care or even across town to meet with their parents. When time is of the essence, parents call us as a taxi service for kids.

When it comes to picking a taxi service for your children, it is more about saving time. It is about trust and safety. the owner of Annapolis City Taxi understand this as he is a father himself. That is why Annapolis Taxi requires each driver to have an impeccable driving record, even above the requirements of the City of Annapolis Transportation Authority. All drivers are vetted for safety and reliability.

For added convenience, Annapolis Taxi offers dependable time-call cab service. All you need to do is contact Annapolis Taxi with your required time and pick-up location, and we will instantly confirm your reservation. Same day service time-calls should be called in at least one-hour in advance. Reservation are taken up to three days in advance.

Whether your child needs a ride to or home from school, a job or an activity, you can trust Annapolis City Taxi. Our reliable drivers are proud of their dependable cab service. All drivers conveniently accept many forms of payment including all major credit cards. Annapolis Taxi promises to provide the safest cab service for your child.

Contact Annapolis City Taxi for a free rate quote or to organize a schedule for your child’s after school activities. We now even offer online booking.