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Downtown Annapolis Nightlife Taxi Service

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Night Out on the Town

Whenever you are in Downtown Annapolis, or DTA as many locals refer to it, to enjoy the nightlife, trust your safety to Annapolis Taxi Service. We are a safe, clean and friendly cab service in Annapolis. Our fleet of reliable taxi drivers is very familiar with the area’s attractions, offering suggestions as to what are the best places to visit. Annapolis Taxi Service can help you arrange an evening of fun by coordinating your tour through the nightlife in Downtown Annapolis.

We welcome large groups and will work with you to synchronize safe transportation for everyone to and from the various downtown clubs and restaurants. Don’t worry about having a designated driver in your group, with Annapolis Taxi we can guarantee you a safe ride home, ensuring a good time for everyone in your party.

Whether you all are catching show at the intimate music venue of the Ram’s Head On Stage or looking to dance the night away at The Federal House, contact Annapolis Taxi Service. We offer unparalleled cab service that will make sure you arrive just in time for the action.

Our fleet of taxis provides reliable cab service, and our friendly drivers are committed to excellent customer service. All Annapolis Taxi Service drivers are licensed and certified, completing the required programs, including training in defensive driving and safety. In addition, they undergo a background check plus drug testing, to ensure your safe arrival, thus giving our customers the highest level of cab service.

If you are in Downtown Annapolis for a bachelor/bachelorette party, enjoying a summer evening getaway or visiting for a weekend of tailgating and football, call Annapolis Taxi Service. Let our reliable cab drivers take care of all your transportation needs throughout one of the Nation’s most historic towns.

Annapolis Taxi Service is locally owned and has over 20 years experience helping to create fun and memorable nights throughout the DTA scene. You take on the town, and we will take you safely home.

Time Calls

For added convenience, Annapolis Taxi offers dependable “time call” cab service. All you need to do is contact Annapolis Taxi with your required time and pick-up location, and we will instantly confirm your “reservation.”

For same day service “time calls” should be called in at least one-hour in advance, in order to fulfill your request. Annapolis Taxi will also create a reservation up to three days in advance.


Safe & Fast

Annapolis Taxi Service offers the fastest, most convenient taxi service in Annapolis, and beyond. We promise complete customer satisfaction with each and every ride. Annapolis Taxi drivers believe safety, and courtesy are amongst our highest concerns.

Annapolis Taxi requires each of our owner-drivers to have an impeccable driving record, even above the requirements of the City of Annapolis Transportation Authority.